Why I do hate Hibernate

A kind of disclaimer: I know, Hibernate was really good in the old good time when it was created. Maybe it was even revolutionary. The goal of this article is NOT to tell something bad about its authors.

However  I am sure it is time for it to die. Want to know why?

I have at least 4 reasons to not use Hibernate:

  1. It is invasive
  2. It is nor predictable
  3. It is designed to fight against application performance
  4. It is fragile against database schema and code refactoring

After this introduction I will focus on each point and explain what I mean.

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Extending MindTouch

This post is about MindTouch (http://www.mindtouch.com) – open source collaboration platform that recently become number 3 in its business niche (just after Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM Lotus/Domino). It was interesting enough to see what is it from the technician’s point of view and how one could write an extension to it.

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